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The township of Denman is located in the glorious Upper Hunter Country surrounded by magnificent bronzed sandstone cliffs, world class wineries and “five star” Thoroughbred Studs. Denman is a historic town with buildings dating back over 150 years; this is a main attraction of the area.

Presently, a day in Denman can include a game of golf at the fully watered 9-hole course, fine wines at the surrounding vineyards, a scrumptious meal and a good ale at the 100-year-old pubs.

Denman offers great country hospitality and a quaint pastoral atmosphere. Visitors are welcomed at all cafes and there are little shops to “poke around” in Ogilvie Street. For those looking for more adventure, there are nearby primeval forests where ancient rivers carve deep gorges through the wild Wollemi National Park.

Bring the bicycles for the cute country roads and rural lanes, breeze past cows and horses, wombats and kangaroos. There are emerald green Lucerne flats, vineyards, parrots of brilliant colours and sandstone caves just around the corner.

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