Annan is pretty little town where the river of the same name flows into the Solway Firth, not far from the English border. This means that town has a turbulent history of border strife as even in peacetime, Annan was subject to looting by the border reivers.

Some of the town’s highlights include an attractive road bridge on the western approach, the remains of the Solway Firth viaduct, Bridge House and the remains of Robert the Bruce 12th century motte and bailey castle. Robert the Bruce was Lord of Annandale before becoming King of Scotland.

Moffat lies in upper Annandale and is the centre of a sheep-farming region and a statue of a ram stands proudly in the High Street. In the 17th century the local water was found to have curative properties and people started coming to ‘take the water’, including Robert Burns.

Devil’s Beef Tub is a dramatic sheer sided hollow in the landscape that is dominated by the Great Hill which rises to 465 metres on one side. Nearby are National Trust For Scotland lands, White Coomb, which reaches 2,696 feet and one of Scotland’s tallest waterfalls, Grey Mare’s Tail, which falls roughly 300 feet down a sheer rock face.

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