Dutchman unveils full-size replica of Noah s Ark
Dutchman unveils full-size replica of Noah's Ark

Dutchman Johan Huibers has at last finished his 20-year quest to build a full-scale, functioning model of Noah's Ark — an undertaking of biblical proportions.

Photo: Peter Dejong
Stormy weather on Monday could do nothing to dampen the good mood of its creator, who claims the idea to build the ark came to him in a dream. In fact, the rain was appropriate.

In the Biblical story, God orders Noah to build a boat big enough to save animals and Noah's family while Earth is covered in an enormous flood.

Photo: Peter Dejong
Johan interpreted the description given in Genesis to build his ark. It measures in at a whopping 130 metres long, 29 metres across and 23 metres high.

Huibers says he realised a 20-year dream to educate people about history and faith. The new tourist attraction has been granted permission to receive up to 3000 visitors a day.

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